What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Mobile Sawmills...

"What I like best is that I don't have to ask anyone else to help me. I can be set up and running in 30 minutes and handle it all by myself."
Joe Bennett, Walker, Louisiana

"I've seen other portables, and there's no comparison. They've got a design there that can't be beat. We're well pleased with the saw or we wouldn't have bought the second one."
Graham Rowat, Havlok, Ontario, Canada

"We are having a blast!! I love my mill. Congratulations on a well made product!"
Scott & Matt Stegall, Grants Pass, Oregon

"...Another beauty is the accuracy that the mill will cut. Whenever you set those dials, that's where it will cut. And if you start with one inch at the head of the saw, it's still one inch when you get to the other end."
Edwin McGhee, Millerton, New York

"I just love cutting the big logs - when they get to be 4 or 5 feet (1.28 or 1.60 m) across. ...Once you get started, you can get some real production out of it. Our highest production was 6,000 feet (13.33 m) in one day. That was cutting big lumber - 4 X 12's (101.6 X 304.8 mm)."
John Bosch, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

"My saw was totally consumed in a fire started with chemicals by an arsonist. It got so hot, the oil inside the engine caught fire. I bought it back from the insurance company as scrap and completely rebuilt the sawmill using 75 percent of the original parts, including the same engine block. That says a lot for that engine and the sawmill itself."
Craig Whitlock, Knoxville, Tennessee

"We had a gas-powered Mobile Dimension Saw for about four or five years. We then purchased an electric model about two years ago. It seemed to have more power, and the electricity costs only about one-fourth what gasoline used to cost us. The electric model is much simpler. We've had no problems. We just do the routine maintenance. We average about 4,000 board feet (8.9 m3) a day, more than with the gas model Mobile Dimension Saw."
Larry McClanahan, Jr., McClanahan Lumber Inc., Forks, Washington

"The major advantage with the Mobile Trailer is the speed with which you can be on a site and set up and sawing. I can be sawing now in half-an-hour. And the extension works really nicely. It pulls right out to 26 feet (7.9 m), or back to 20 feet (6.09 m) for towing. I've had my mill since 1974, and I've tried a lot of different deck set-ups. This one's the fastest and easiest one to use by far."
Linton Whittles, Cloverdale, Oregon

"This saw (MDS) has proved a great success in the conditions here in Nipa and we have been pleased to demonstrate it's success to a few skeptics who advised us that small sawmills were not successful for councils here."
Tegi Ebe'ial, President, Nipa Local Goverment Council, Papua, New Guinea

"Over the past eight years, we have purchased 12 Mobile Dimension Saws. The sawmills have performed to perfection in very adverse conditions.The extreme heat, rough terrain and dense hardwoods have posed no problems."
George A. Garbrah, Director General, Garbrah Brothers Engineering (gH) Ltd., Accra, Ghana, West Africa

"The Mobile Dimension Saw is engineered to perfection. The operator can make mistakes in judgment or oversight without damage to the saw... the finest, safest and most efficient portable saw we have seen."
Les and Steve Liebenberg, Ben Lomond, California

"After more than three decades of dealing with the company, I have found the people who work for Mobile Manufacturing to be friendly, cooperative, supportive and just as dependable as the sawmill they manufacture. I look forward to many more decades of doing business with them."
Bob Richardson, Eagle Mountain, Washington