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Portable Mobile SawmillsMobile Manufacturing Company produces it's own saw blades. The blade manufacturing process includes punching, milling, grinding, rolling and leveling. Most of the parts that make up the Mobile Dimension Sawmaill are manufactured in house. A variety of pulleys, collars, shafts and other close tolerance parts are produced to exacting standards by experienced personnel and high-tech computer controlled machines.

The overall quality of our engineering, manufacturing, fabricating and testing equipment is a measure of the exacting perfection of our finished sawmills. At Mobile Manufacturing Company, there is no compromise to the pride of good craftsmanship when it comes to our finished Mobile Dimension Sawmill.

mobile portable sawmillsEvery Mobile Dimension Portable Sawmill is delivered as a complete, ready to operate sawmill. Whether it’s the Board & Block method, which comes with a small 2-wheeled trailer, trailer hitches, tooth grinder, tooth wrench, lag bolts, ratchet wrench, and saw wrench, jack and lumber roller are all included. The two additional choices are with endstands. The endstand set-up comes with all the components that will let you start sawing logs. The endstands can either be placed on wooden or metal framework you make yourself or Mobile Manufacturing Company has a metal frame option you can purchase. The other choice is to purchase the mobile sawmill mounted on a large trailer for easy set up and moving.

The long-term availability of replacement parts is never a problem. In fact, any part for any Mobile Dimension Sawmill ever made is quickly available from the complete inventory maintained in our Troutdale, Oregon warehouse. With just a single call to our customer service department, the items you need, for your sawmill, are on their way - usually the same day we receive your order.