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portable mobile sawmillsMobile Mfg. Company is very pleased to announce two new sawmill models “1206 and 1210”. These models have been in the design stage for over 5 years. We have utilized all of our past experience in manufacturing portable sawmills to make this new larger and more productive model.

More bracing, larger, stronger and more wear resistant parts to give you a very high production sawmill.

In production runs, these new models have almost doubled the production of the model 128 electric. It has a maximum cutting speed of 8 seconds to saw a 16 foot (4.8 m.) board and return it. The two large edger saw blades give you a maximum cutting size of 6 ¼ inch (15.88 cm.) x 12 ¼ inch (31.1 cm.). The single larger edger saw blade allows a cut of 10 ¼ inch (26 cm.) x  12 ¼ inch (31.1 cm.). Two 25 hp electric motors give more power to increase both the maximum cut size and the faster feed rates.

mobile portable sawmill




Shown is the 30 inch (76.2 cm.) main saw blade with 18 - ¼ inch (0.635 cm.) saw teeth. The two 16 ¾ inch (42.5 cm.) edger saw blades have 8 – ¼ inch saw teeth.
The model 1210 also comes with a 24 - ¾ inch (62.86 cm.) 8 tooth 5/16 inch (0.793 cm.) saw tooth blade.

The 1206 and 1210 models are wider and longer. End stands have to be 12 inch (30.5 cm.) wider in width in order to cut the same diameter logs that the models 12XLS and 128 could saw. The track has to be 2 feet (61 cm.) longer to cut the same length logs as the other mentioned models. End stands at 4 foot (1.22 cm.) in height are 9 feet (2.75 cm.) in width to saw 4 foot (1.22 cm.) diameter logs. 20 feet (6.1 m.) of track will saw logs up to 14 feet (4.26 m.) in length.
The models 1206 and 1210 are only different in that, the  model 1210 includes a 24 ¾ inch (62.86 cm.) edger saw blade and other attachments to increase the maximum edger sawing dimension to 10 ¼ inch (26 cm.)


Electric Motors:
Fully enclosed fan cooled 25 hp motors (2)
Aluminum frame with multiple voltage and cycles, 3 Phase.
Motor control panel, start-stop and safety switches.
Control and power wiring included from control panel to saw motors.
Saw Blades:
Main saw blade 30 inch (30.5 cm.)
Standard 12 tooth – 5/16 inch (0.793 kerf)
Optional tooth – ¼ inch (0.635 kerf)
Model 1206:
Edger saw blades (2)
16 ¾ inch (42.5 cm.) 8 tooth – ¼ inch (0.635 cm.) kerf
Model 1210:
Same as the model 1206, but it also comes with a single
Edger saw blade 24 ¾ inch (61 cm.) 8 tooth – 5/16 inch (0.793 cm.) kerf.
Standard track is included with both models.
20 feet (6.09 m.) Two 10 foot (3.048 m.) sections.
Weight 417 lbs. (190 kg.)
Sawing length 14 foot 4 inch (4.36 m.)
Accessory Track Length:
4 foot (1.22 m.) 90 lbs. (41 kg.)
6 foot (1.83 m.) 120 lbs (55 kg.)
10 foot (3.03 m.) 207 lbs. (94 kg.)
Feed Control:
Operator controls feed rate, direction, and
travel. Automatic reverse at far end adjustable
to length of saw log. Automatic neutral at start.
Cutting Cycle:
8 - 40 seconds, complete cycle 16 foot (4.88 cm.)
log length. Average production 5,000 - 15,000
board feet (14 m³ – 42 m³) per 8 hours.
Production depends on diameter and length of
logs, hardness of logs, size of lumber sawed
and log handling equipment.

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